Shotcrete MS

QUIKRETE® Shotcrete
Shotcrete Mixes are specially designed for machine applications to repair above- or below-grade concrete and mortar

QUIKRETE® Shotcrete Mixes are structural repair materials for bridges, tunnels, parking garages, ramps, beams, piers, sewer pipes and dams. They can be used for structural concrete in vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. QUIKRETE® Shotcrete is a well-proportioned blend of Portland cement and concrete sand suitable for general-use construction. Shotcrete MS is a 1-component, dry process shotcreting material containing microsilica. Advantages include high strength, improved sulphate resistance, high adhesion, low permeability, low rebound and low sag. Shotcrete MS can be placed at a greater single pass thickness than conventional shotcrete. Other performance levels are also available to meet specific jobsite requirements, including coarse aggregate versions.

50 lb. bag – 56 bags/pallet; 16 pallets/truck = 896 total bags/truck.
3,000 lb. bag – 1 bags/pallet; 15 pallets/truck = 15 total bags/truck.

YES! We can combine several products to build a full truckload