The Turbo Prop® is the next best thing to being a CAN…because it is a small diameter version of the CAN®. Turbo Props® are light weight, yielding props with superior carrying capacities. A Turbo Prop® is set in place just like a wooden post, but it is an engineered roof support with lifting handles. So easy to use and install; a red hat can do it!

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured mainly from post combustion products which then do not promote combustion.

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Product Diameters

  • 9” Diameter: From 36” to 9’ in vertical height. Average weight is 23 lbs. per lineal foot and is rated at 45 tons.
  • The vertical height may be adjusted mechanically using a tubing / pipe cutter.

Those Turbo Props were easy to install, just like wooden posts. Didn’t have to keep track of wrenches and hoses like those pump-up props.

Illinois Basin Mining Section Foreman

Case Study


A coal mine located in West Virginia approached Burrell Mining looking for a secondary roof support system to control floor heave which was being induced by the influence of mined out longwall panels located below the level where the mine is currently operating. The affected areas needed to be rehabilitated to allow for maximum air flow as well as expeditious examination.


The actively mined coal seam is approximately 5’ thick. The excessive floor heave constricted the opening down to 3’. Transporting materials and personnel to the affected area presented an issue due to distance and impediments between the pit mouth and worksite. The solution to be designed had to provide for:
  • The proper amount of support to control the problematic floor heave.
  • Secondary roof support for probable roof control issues in the future.
  • Be compact enough to allow for expeditious transportation of materials to the work site.
  • Easy vertical height adjustment and allow for hand installation.


Burrell Mining’s team worked with mine management to design and provide a cost effective supplemental support system using Turbo Props® and timbers to alleviate the problem coming from the floor as well as having considerations for possible roof issues in the future. The materials were easily adjustable for height considerations and reasonably compact allowing for efficient transportation to the work site. The support system offered low resistance to the mine ventilation system and access for examination.

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