The CAN® is a yieldable secondary roof support made from a confined core of cementitious composite, encased in a cylindrical steel canister, which resembles a can. The CAN® handles mine floor heaving and roof sag better than any other type of support available today. The CAN® is flexible in design in that it can be engineered to meet mine-specific load conditions regardless if the adverse conditions are induced by the roof or the floor. The simple 1 piece design of the CAN® installs quickly using a mine scoop or similar piece of equipment. The smooth steel skin of the CAN® improves ventilation and promotes air flow by reducing resistance in the mine entry. When installed correctly, The CAN® has never failed.

Product Specifications

  • Manufactured mainly from post combustion products which then does not promote combustion.
  • The CAN® is able to accept 50% convergence without failure.
  • The CAN® is not brittle; it reacts and performs similarly when tested vertically and bi-axially.
  • The CAN® promotes oxygen content in a mine environment, (drying / rotting wood depletes oxygen).

Product Diameters

9-inch 24-inch
18-inch 30-inch
22-inch 36-inch

The CAN® has been the most effective alternative support we have tested to date.

General Longwall, Manager
Deer Creek Mine, Utah

Case Study


A limestone mine in the eastern half of the United States contacted Burrell Mining International about providing ideas to add supplemental support for a portal entry which had several linear anomalies in the mine roof running perpendicular to the entry. This portal opening was especially important due to the future installation of an inline mine fan.


Adding to the complexity of the problem:
  • There was very little overburden over the entry. If the roof collapsed; the likelihood of losing hundreds of feet of the entry was probable.
  • The mine opening was 30 feet tall.
  • The mine floor pitched between the ribs as well as going inby.
  • The roof pitched slightly in the opposite direction to that of the floor orientation.
  • The problem was located near the mouth of the mine opening, thereby being subject to outdoor conditions.
  • The solution needed to be long term in that the life of the mine is scheduled to be 50 years.


The team at Burrell Mining worked with mine management to design and provide a supplemental support system to alleviate the problems in the roof; fit into the less than optimal mine environment; was a long-term solution which offered low resistance to the future mine ventilation system.

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