The original Fibercrib® continues to be the best fiber crib block manufactured today! Made from controlled blending, mixing, and forming techniques, Fibercrib® fiber crib blocks offer superior strength and stiffness to support your roof and floor. Our 2 sizes of Fibercrib® blocks offer versatile stacking combinations while providing superior roof support when compared to circular or other rectangular crib blocks.

Product Specifications

  • Fibercrib® fiber crib blocks are manufactured from noncombustible materials.
  • 6” Fibercrib® fiber crib blocks are approximately 4 times stronger than a 4-point wooden crib.
  • In terms of area, the most compact Fibercrib® fiber crib block stack will give you 77% more bearing surface than a 4-point wooden crib.
  • Fibercrib® fiber crib blocks are shipped in self-contained, economical cubes for easy handling.

Call for a free quote, see how the original Fibercrib® stacks up in terms of cost and effectiveness.

Product Dimensions

6″ x 8″ x 16″
4″ x 8″ x 23″

Fibercrib® is so darn strong and versatile, I don’t understand why every mine doesn’t have a load in their supply yard.

Mining Company President

Case Study


A longwall section headgate entry which simultaneously serving as its belt entry was driven off sight for a length of 320 feet. Once the error was discovered the entry had to be re-mined by taking a slab cut off the opposite side rib. This led to the entry being overly wide by 36 inches. This important entry had to have supplemental support installed so as to protect the entry from forward riding abutment pressures as the longwall face retreated into the affected area and to keep the roof from collapsing when the longwall face was in the immediate area.


  • The supplemental support had to be installed on the panel side of the beltline, tangent to the coal block. Therefore, the support had to be able to be cut up by the longwall shearer when cutting out at the headgate.
  • The cut-up material had to pose no hazard to miners working on the section and had to be able to get loaded up with the coal and travel on the beltline without damaging the belting itself, plug up belt transfer points or cause a problem at the outside preparation plant.
  • The project to install the supports to correct the issue had several constraints. The beltline had to be temporally removed so as to deliver all of the necessary materials to complete the job on one idle shift.
  • The vertical height of each support was slightly different over the 320 foot span.
  • The supports had to be able to be installed by hand.


Burrell assisted Mine Engineering and Management with technical data and a detailed bill of materials to accomplish the project using 4” x 8” x 23” Fibercrib®. Several truckloads of Fibercrib® were delivered in a timely manner so that all of the materials could be delivered underground and then set in place on the identified idle shift. The belt entry was “narrowed” by building a false rib line using Fibercrib®. The mining process was never interrupted during construction. The entry was never a problem as the longwall panel approached and mined through the affected area.

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