Hear from Our Customers

Burrell Mining has a proven track record and years of success stories from our clients. See how our products have helped some of our customers:

The CAN Testimonials

“We use The CAN in our bleeder system and it’s the best bleeder system in the entire company”.
– Eastern Coal Field Mine Superintendent

“Maintaining our tailgate and bleeder system is very important. That’s why I only use The CAN; I know that everything is in good shape and I can go on to other pressing issues”.
– Eastern Coal Field General Superintendent

Omega Block Testimonials

“I can’t understand why a mine would use anything but Omega Blocks to build stoppings. I can build a wall in less than an hour by myself”.
– General Laborer – Ventilation Crew

“We are building these Super Stoppings to get out ahead of the new ventilation standards. We will be compliant from day 1”.
– Stone Mine Operations Superintendent.

“We are improving our mine ventilation system because we care about our people”.
– Stone Mine Regional Vice President.

Quikrete Testimonials

“That other Shotcrete fell off the roof during the January thaw. I’m going back to Quikrete’s Shotcrete MS”.
– Coal Mine Construction Foreman

“It took us 3 weeks to complete our Shotcrete test using 5 different brands of Shotcrete. We are going with Shotcrete MS for the project because it went on the roof and rib and stayed on with very little waste. I’ll have purchasing send you our initial order in the morning”.
– Senior Corporate Mine Engineer

CAN Setter Testimonials

“If you told me, I wouldn’t have believed you. That darn thing does the work of 10 men.”
– Eastern Coal Field Mining Section Foreman

“Because we switched to the newest version CAN Setter; we were able to eliminate 1 piece of equipment from the section. We’ve eliminated the capital and maintenance costs of a scoop and a charging station; as well as reducing traffic congestion at the same time.”
– Eastern Coal Field Longwall Coordinator

Fibercrib Testimonials

“Fibercrib® is so darn strong and versatile, I don’t understand why every mine doesn’t have a load in their supply yard”.
– Mining Company President

Turbo Prop Testimonials

“Those Turbo Props were easy to install, just like wooden posts. Didn’t have to keep track of wrenches and hoses like those pump-up props.”

– Illinois Basin Mining Section Foreman

“We placed the Turbos against the rib line and eliminated all of the rib spall problems.”
– Eastern Coal Field General Mine Foreman