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A limestone mine in the eastern half of the United States contacted Burrell Mining International about providing ideas to add supplemental support for a portal entry which had several linear anomalies in the mine roof running perpendicular to the entry. This portal opening was especially important due to the future installation of an inline mine fan.

The CAN Setter

An alternative to wooden cribs was developed on the 1980’s when The CAN® was introduced. Although The CAN® was clearly a better support; installation presented a problem due to its inherent weight and girth. Simultaneously to the advent of the CAN®, longwall productivity skyrocketed. The increased rate of longwall face retreat had to be met with an equal amount of outby productivity gains.

Omega Block

NIOSH contacted Burrell Mining Products to assist them develop ventilation solutions for large opening mines with cross-sectional areas exceeding 1000 ft². The primary goal was to improve air quality by reducing diesel particulate matter exposure (DPM) in the underground mine environment.


A longwall section headgate entry which simultaneously serving as its belt entry was driven off sight for a length of 320 feet. Once the error was discovered the entry had to be re-mined by taking a slab cut off the opposite side rib. This led to the entry being overly wide by 36 inches.

Turbo Prop

A coal mine located in West Virginia approached Burrell Mining looking for a secondary roof support system to control floor heave which was being induced by the influence of mined out longwall panels located below the level where the mine is currently operating. The affected areas needed to be rehabilitated to allow for maximum air flow as well as expeditious examination.