The evolution of
Burrell Mining International

In the early 1980’s, Burrell was gaining a great deal of attention and market share in the mining industry by selling concrete and strength enhancing mortar products approved for underground use. The volume of business was so consistent that Burrell Mining Products, Inc. was formed October 14, 1984. Our expertise was noticed and appreciated by the US Bureau of Mines who then initiated a collaborative relationship with us. At the request of the Bureau of Mines; Burrell carried out trials that combined out expertise in concrete block production with our family of proprietary fibered mortar mixes. These trials resulted in the manufacturing of the first fiber reinforced roof support block – Fibercrib®. Our research and testing continues to yield outstanding results with innovations such as The Omega Block, The CAN® and Turbo Props to name a few. We continue to innovate with new products and novel applications to this day in mines with encumbered spaces and large openings.